Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Nail Care Routine 2014

Hi my foxes! Time for an updated nail care routine. 
Here are my tips on how to brighten and whiten your nails, remove stains, how to grow your nails longer and stronger, how to stop nails from peeling, reduce chipping, how to moisturize, nourish, and maintain healthy, beautiful nails. 

Let me give you a brief history on my nails. When I was growing up, I use to bite my nails a lot (I know... so gross right) yes indeed, nail biting is a nasty habit. Fully determined to have nice nails, I finally broke that habit. My mom was my nail inspiration. She always had the best nails, they were beautifully shaped, strong and healthy. Her secrets? Eating clean (helps to build healthy nails from the inside out), natural oils (for nourishing moisture), aloe vera (to moisturize and encourage growth), baking soda cleansing (to brighten and whiten) and never using nail clippers, only the most gentle nail files with the finest grit would do.

Welcome to my nail care routine. My mom passed her nail care tips down to me, just as her mom passed the same tips down to her. My grandmother was from Mexico... and as you probably know, I've been forever fascinated with natural beauty secrets used in other countries. 

My Nail Care Video

Nail Care Routine

How To Brighten and Whiten Your Nails

In a small bowl, mix 2 parts baking soda with 1 part hydrogen peroxide to create a paste. (example: 2 tbsp baking soda to 1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide)

Measurements don't have to be super precise, you just want to create an easy to use paste. Grab your nail brush (Mine is QVS from the drugstore) and gently scrub your nails for about a minute. Be sure to get the tops of your nails as well as under the nail tips. Allow brightening mixture to sit on your nails for 1-2 minutes and rinse.

If you don't have hydrogen peroxide, you can substitute with lemon juice.

How Often Should You Do A Brightening/Whitening Nail Treatment?
Generally about once every 1-2 months, or when nail polish staining has occurred.

How To Moisturize Your Nails & Cuticle Care

Choose an all natural oil or butter (I like coconut oil or shea butter), take a small amount in your hand and gently massage into nails and cuticles. This will instantly soften the cuticles, allowing you to easily push them back when necessary.

Maui Vera is one of my new discoveries. I'm completely obsessed with this after sun moisturizer. It's become an essential part of my summer body care routine, it's also my facial moisturizer and now part of my nail routine. It has a base of aloe vera, which promotes healthy skin and nails. I swear every time I apply aloe to my nails, whether directly from the plant (I have an aloe garden) or an all natural aloe product, I get a growth spurt in my nails. 

Nail Nourishing Products I Love:
Dr. Bronners Virgin Coconut Oil
Monoi Tiki Tahiti Vanilla Coconut Oil
Buried Treasure MCT Coconut Oil (It's extra light weight, absorbs fast)
Maui Vera
Shea Natural Whipped Shea Butter

How Often Should You Do An Oil Treatment?
As often as you like. I do a moisturizing oil treatment once a week, in-between each time I paint my nails. I'll remove my old nail polish in the evening, apply oils, allow them to sit overnight and repaint my nails in the morning.

Make sure to remove any oil residue before applying your nail polish).

How To Manicure Your Nails

After an oil treatment, I'll prep my nails before applying my nail polish color for the week. I start by wiping my nails clean with Zoya Remove + which gently removes any leftover oil residue. 

Then I'll use a crystal glass nail file (made in Czech Republic). To shape your nails smoothly, it's best to file in one direction (I get the feeling some of you may be fangirling right about now;) As I was saying, file in one direction, rather than in a back and forth "sawing" motion, which can cause nail damage. 

Shape your nails however you prefer, I personally love the squared off shape (semi-straight across the tip and slightly rounded off at the edges).

Next I'll apply one coat of Nailtiques Formula 2, as a base coat. Years ago, I had some nail peeling issues, I suspected it was caused by using a nail buffer, which I promptly quit using buffers entirely, after I realized they seemed to be the culprit. 

That's when I was turned onto this little miracle in a bottle, it stopped my nails from peeling within a week and I've been a loyal customer ever since. I believe it helps toughen up my nails. Not to mention, my nail polish lasts really well, so overall it makes an awesome multipurpose base coat.

For demonstration purposes, I chose to use Essie Fiji, because I know a lot of you have found it to be a difficult polish to work with and I agree the formula could use an upgrade (I'm looking at you Essie formulators… we're waiting... ;) 

While the first coat of Essie Fiji is always a streaky hob-goblin of a hot mess... I can however, achieve a good application in two coats. 

Nail Polish Application Tips:
1. Start by touching the brush down towards the back center of your nail, avoid starting at the sides or the touching the brush right at the cuticle, allow your cuticles a millimeter of personal space. Don't worry the nail polish will spread out more as you brush it out. 

2. Steady both hands, the forearm or at least the wrist of your hand that's applying polish should be stabilized on a table. While the hand you're painting can rest flat on the table. 

3. If you have trouble getting a clean application along the sides of your nails, you can roll or slightly tilt your fingers to the left or right, this can help you better see the edges of your nails while applying polish. (This technique is especially helpful when working with your non-dominent hand).

4. Remember to give your cuticles space to breathe, this goes for the skin along sides of your nails as well. Avoid the urge to paint right up to the skin around your nail. More times than not, you'll end up getting polish onto that skin or cuticle and having to go back in and clean up, resulting in a less crisp manicure. Instead, allow a millimeter of nail to show along the sides, the result is a cleaner more professional looking manicure.

For a topcoat, Seche Vite is still my favorite. It dries wet nails lightening fast, adds a protective long-lasting top layer and it provides a high gloss professional looking finish to your manicure. 

Where I buy my nail care products:

I purchased my natural coconut oils and butters online at Vitacost.com
New to Vitacost? Get $10 OFF your first order here: Vitacost
Vitacost prices beat paying retail any day!

I purchase Maui Vera at my local health food store, available online here.

Crystal Glass Nail Files (I purchased mine years ago from a manufacturer, we use to sell them. Unfortunately the shipping cost to get these out to Maui has became too high for us to carry them. They are available online here.

I purchase Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat at local salons. Available online here.

I purchase Nailtiques Formula 2 at Longs/CVS, Walgreens or online.

I purchase Zoya Remove + online at Zoya.com

Well foxes, I think I've covered just about everything and then some… I'm into nails can you tell? ;)

Have a fabulous week and happy nail pampering.
Take care!
xoxo Christine


  1. There's no link for the Maui Vera or nail file =/

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  2. Thanks for the info Christine. I am excited to try the nail files and maybe, just maybe, my nails won't peel and split. I will be trying the Nailtiques too. Ya know, you are the one that turned me on to coconut oil? I followed you and Michael on every video on your trip. What a blast I had following you both. Thanks for all that you share. :)

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  3. Your nails are perfect, & just beautiful!! I loved that color of Essie polish you used! Can't wait for your favorite summer polish video!!

  4. great blog post as usual, it inspires me to stop cutting my nails with nail clippers!

  5. Hi,
    Great tips and products! Can you provide a link for the crystal nail file? thanks!

  6. What do you recommend for nail fungus removal?

  7. Please notify me with an answer. Thanks

  8. I don't see my question. It was how do you use the aloe plant to your nails for growing.

  9. Christine, would you pls explain why we should not use nail clippers on nails? That is what I always used and yes, my nails tend to break easily. Thank you!


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